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A Positive Approach-That’s My Business

Recently at a Presentation workshop I was given the title  ‘A Positive Approach-That’s My Business’.  I decided just to go with  ‘IT!’ So…when hit with a triple whammy, I choose to survive and thrive, not be a casualty.

When my husband died in front of me and our 2 children, 3 weeks after being given divorce papers, on account of his alcoholism, I now feel confident that my life experience gives me credibility and can inspire others.

  • We have a choice  –  To Survive and Thrive or be a Casualty.

I call myself  ‘The Real Confidence Guide‘ and I have a passion and sincerity to remind clients that they have a choice in life. The positive approach I have in my business is

  • I challenge negative beliefs

It is quite probable that many people do not appreciate that negative beliefs are limiting their lives.

  • ‘We all have ‘Choice

I work with people who are responding to a situation or have a trigger. It affects their  life or business. They wish to clear it.

  •  Their hand is up.  They want to ‘clear the fear’  ‘cut the crap’  ‘just deal with it’    Whoopee!  They are  half way there!

They now want to know the Block to their Success, Health, Wealth or Happiness. They will probably have spent considerable time, effort or money to develop their outer shine or confidence eg hair/clothes, or on their business eg. any professional expertise to promote and develop.  But the results are not happening.

Let’s put aside the economic climate for the moment.  An emotional limiting belief can be the cause.

I work predominantly with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and developments – Matrix ReImprinting.   Tapping on acupuncture channels of the body, and focussing on the issue. This link goes to my hampshire-eft site.

Quote ‘this therapy works when all else may have failed‘.  An ever increasing number of psychologists, doctors, hypnotherapists, and counsellors acknowledge, learn or use EFT.

  • Think anger- often justified but oh so destructive
  • fear – not deserving,  WHY?
  • trauma- hellish but need not dictate for ever
  • phobia – often a remembered event, but, can be cleared,  if your hand is up
  • stress- a  potential killer

‘Yesterday has gone’, we can’t get it back, so enjoy today.  I have failed to resist adding this link.; a song from the 60s and the words are good.

I have a lovely example of a negative belief and how it can limit, and a cracking example of how we take advice, most probably from a 6 year old.  Read more if you are still with me!
Susan Cowe
‘the real confidence guide.’

Here is an example of where a negative belief  can come from.
A 6 year old playing  ‘Hide and Seek’, sucessfully!  They have gone to a cupboard, nobody finds them for ages, and they’ve felt stuck or had difficulty getting out.
Result. This could be the hidden reason for a fear, a fear  of flying, or being trapped -trapped in a job or in a relationship!
Many of our fears come from childhood or events earlier in our life.  When a trigger relating to a fear is acknowledged,  more power is given to the fear. It keeps us safe very successfully.  We choose not to stray beyond certain points.
So we have a problem, an issue, a piece of crap  and it annoys the Hell out of us, and we need a solution.
The answer
A knock at the door! Thank God – help is here.
We open the door and our (Example here only!)  6 year old self is smiling, waiting to remind us that they have the solution.  After all they have been guiding us for years, to keep us safe.
Ok.   How many of us would listen to a 6 year old giving a solution to our very real problem?  I bet you think, not many, but
we do it all the time.  Our subconscious is very powerful!
Once a block, a limiting or negative belief is cleared, the whole world can open up to you. Just think how wonderful that would be.
The only problem is You.  You have the choice. You have to want  to change, transform your issue.
It takes time, effort and money too!

You are worth it! Aren’t you?!

I’ve enjoyed writing this blog. Very satisfying. Maybe I am another step towards, ‘Doing My Thing’
Please call for a chat if you wish to know more.
Susan Cowe.


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