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Workshop. Ladies- Ready for ‘the next step’ in the rest of your life?

Hi, here is a copy of the Eventbrite details of the workshop I am having on June 16th. There are more details if you click the link.

Women seem to be more open in recognising, shouting, being active about, a need to find ‘My Purpose’ . 

(If men out there show a desire to attend an event around the same subject, I will gladly arrange another. I certainly am aware that men have needs too, but I wont go into that just now:-)I  love the men in my life,  partner, son etc and hope  that they are fulfilled in all they do in life.)

So back to the ladies.
I have come back revitalised by a seminar by Dr Joanna Martin. She delivers a good day!.

OK! a result of that is
Your next step.   You, Your improved relationship with a partner or family member,  Your success.

With gentle tweaks, a few learnings, a laugh or two,and some tranquillity for good measure, join me and other women‘ whose hand is up!’

If you

  • Really question your role and identity
  • Want the confidence to ‘just get out and do it’
  • Crave self satisfaction
  • Feel life is passing you by
  • Want to ‘clear the crap’
  • Be able to smile more
This is the workshop which can set you off, skipping down that road!




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