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Just Do It! – Write that book

Lady,Go away and write your book

I heard myself shouting out,  ‘Just get on and do it!’  to a man  fortunate enough to be brought on stage at Stephanie Hale‘ s Millionaires Bootcamp for Authors,  earlier this month.  Are you ready to address ”the elephant on the room?’

He was on stage stating that although interested in writing he didn’t believe he had anything to say. (Maybe he was nervous. A lack of belief or perhaps a need to find another profession?)   He left the stage with a smile so perhaps our shouts helped him.  A feeling  of support is lovely to have in your life.

Now I know I have something I can write about, I have just chosen to completely ignore it, until now.  So I was actually shouting at myself!

And I have listened.          And I am excited.          Both have helped maintain a positive mindset.

I intend blogging on  how the whole procedeure is going, whether I received all the online mentoring I assumed I was promised, and I will admit if things are tricky etc.  I will write the book and I assume I will ‘get it out there’.

I certainly need to write this book –   Why?

It is now holding me back.

  • I believe it will give me credibility in my chosen work.
  • It will get the ‘bloody elephant ‘ out of the room.
  • It will be cathartic and that alone will be worth it.

I want to

  • speak about Life Purpose
  • speak on Lack of Self  Belief
  • speak on Transformation to reinforce the message by many  of clearing negative, limiting beliefs
  • practice my Confidence and  EFT  based work  so that I can help others clear ‘their stuff ‘

All  done with a lot of humour because although  a serious and not exactly titillating subject area, if we can’t  find humour, the journey is probably very much harder.

 So I went to the 3 day event.

Generally we had 4 speakers a day; each having  1 and half hours.  I went there to learn and pick up as much information as I could.  I wrote a massive amount of notes on marketing, hearing about others authors’ mistakes, Kindle, Amazon , IBSN,  anything.

I am a believer in The Law of Attraction,  synchronicity, visualisation.  I heard about this event having been drawn to listen to  Lucy Whittington earlier in the year, which led to a fantastic day listening to Joanna Martin, which in turn led to Stephanie Hale.  The timing was right, Law of Attraction  came  in and helped too.

One of the speakers Arvind Devalia shared part of his journey and his work.

I absolutely resonated with him. His talk gave me one of the 2 answers I was hoping to receive . Thank you once more.

Interestingly this was on Day 3.

On day one I phoned home and reported I had just managed to save £2000.  I did the same after day 2.

However on day 3 I phoned all members of my immediate family, because they may be affected in some way, and told them that I had failed to save money. The mentoring  I chose was a no brainer, for me. I need to get it done.

Later in day 3 I had listened to Raymond Aaron( and although I have read ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Power’ and some ‘Chicken Soup for the… books, I didn’t know that much about Raymond.

I can certainly say he is a fantastically good speaker, but most of you may know that already.

I signed up to his 10-10-10 programme.  And now , shortly it will be up to me.

I chose that programme because I ‘just need to get it done’.

This way, using whatever online guidance I receive, and how I chose to implement it,  it is up to me.

Watch this space.  A non-fiction ‘How to survive and thrive after trauma’  with interspersed EFT/mindset related blogs and a small and varied number of contributions from others.

Comments welcome.


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