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The confidence to go for gold.

Belief is key

When you have the confidence to go for gold, it can magically appear in you hand.
You can almost touch the emotional pride and pleasure felt by our Team GB and the world’s participants in the Olympics: when success has been achieved. For today’s purpose  I sincerely mean, the success in participation, contributing and striving to ‘be the best you can be.’
Perhaps you can feel the power surge now that we have won some gold medals.
As someone who enjoys watching sport and belting a golf ball, (poorly, yesterday!) I am not touching on the pressure all these participants are under. I just want to acknowledge and share what is clear to be seen.
When you are confident or have succeeded in a task, confidence levels are increased. It is transferable. The boost,  now that we have gold, will spur others on to ‘keep the belief  – if he or she can do it, so  can I’
When you have confidence, your task is easier. Resistance is lower. It’s as simple as that. It’s not a struggle. When you believe, you will strive for your success, your goal.
As ‘the real confidence guide’ I strive to give a client the belief that ‘ they can be in the gold position.’ It will start with baby steps until a little belief ‘tweak’ is felt and understood.  Once a success is felt in your heart, bigger success can arrive.  Space is made for it.

Come on Team GB.  I am loving most of the tv coverage and Chris Evans Radio 2  in the morning, broadcasting  from the Olympic village.

I work with clients by clearing troubled emotions so that they can feel  they have won their gold.  But it can be silver, bronze or  knowing that they have taken part,  contributed  in their goal.   They are doing their best.

Feel the power and consider what your emotional task may be, so that life, love and success can be easier, and watch it tumble into place.  Be open to your strength and the confidence will grow.


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