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Therapeutic holiday-Dog sitting in the Dordogne.

Enjoying nature’s beauty

As I write this blog, I am relaxing in a lovely garden, near Sarlat in the Dordogne.  Therapy for a therapist. I was well aware that Herb and I needed a quiet holiday.  In May when we were considering, (well I was) holidays this year, it was obvious that although we may be going elsewhere throughout the summer, we would not be really relaxing.  In all honesty I remember thinking  that I actually was unsure if I knew how to relax any more.

And comments like, ‘tap on it’ ‘practice what you preach’  are fine.  But normal life when we are striving to be successful, happy, whatever……. can drain us and we are often unaware that it is happening.

But I love France.  I am chilled and switched off. And it’s great.

(The funny thing is, when I do ‘switch off’ and am not as sharp or organised as my daughter has become used to, she usually suggests that I keep doing puzzles and crosswords to exercise my brain.  She obviously thinks I’m perhaps……………)

However, we all need time to recharge.  As long as we do it somehow;  then that’s fine.

This year started poorly for me.  My mother died. Within a very few weeks my sister was diagnosed with a serious illness. (She is now doing well) It kind of  ‘rocked my world’.  Looking back I certainly was stressed or functioning at a different level.  During that time I was going about my business, doing my usual things, but I also allowed  a different shift.  I saw clients and I chose to do more learning and finding out about ‘stuff’.  The result is that  I am tackling a project  I had never remotely thought possible. Writing a book!

Herb, at this time also had family health worries and consciously or sub consciously we both were pre-occupied.

So this holiday.

Last month I decided that a quiet time was important.

We are house and dog sitting.  We have a lovely Border Collie called ‘Florette’ to look after.

We walk her.  Herb often cycles the route with her.  I have a psychological block about cycling up hills for too long a time.  An area  I chose not to do any work on!!  She has come to restaurants with us, visited many of the pretty villages and climbed many steps too.  We are enjoying the fantastic peace and quiet. I have only spent an hour on the computer but I felt I wanted to write this ‘in situ’.  More authentic, real.

As I said earlier I recognised a need for peace and quiet.  Self employment is quite new to me and the mental chatter to ‘just do a bit more’ is very strong.  When I did more primary teaching I had long holidays and recharged then.

But I knew what I needed and wanted. I love all the learnings that I have become aware of. (some learnings pass us by until we are ready to recognise them)

My holidays have usually been quite active and I’ve always been eager to squash as many experiences into them as possible.  I dare say I come back from a holiday needing a holiday.  So the joy of quietly spending a week replenishing energies is wonderful.  The wine, food and colourful markets all help. We are next door to the old church in a tiny hamlet.  The bell rings on the hour, starting a 7am on week days.  For some reason, the 7am ringing has a couple of other routines too.  But I am sleeping well and it just adds to the charm.

It is now ‘rose wine time‘, I bid you ‘Good Health’ and make sure that you give yourself little or big  ‘recharging’ times;  however you choose to do it. Vital to success and happiness in all your plans, and dreams.




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