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Overwhelm AND Christmas time!

Overwhelm AND Christmas time. Should the naughty overwhelm monkey jump on your shoulder at Christmas or any time, planning and some de-stressing will help.

If I hide, no one might know

Stress sabotages focus and clear thinking.

  • ‘I’ve too much to do’
  • ‘I need to do my job and keep everybody happy’

Actually, you don’t. Who told you that? If this sounds like you, then you took on that role, that decision. With a slight change of mindset, chances are

  • You will see that you need to prioritise ( whether at Christmas or in day to day life)
  • You will have the opportunity to enjoy this time (or any occasion) too

When you take on a particular voluntary role, at work or at home, then others see that as your role. The only person who can change it is you.

When I was married and bringing up my family, roles were taken, assumed. Unfortunately it is very difficult to remove yourself from ‘your role’. When I started my present relationship, I realised this sort of thing happened, and I actively did not assume any particular role. I don’t consider this too calculating, just sensible. 🙂
The fact that I may keep my partner a little on his toes suits me fine and is good for our relationship.
I feel sure he works the same way. We probably have learned from past relationships and try not to repeat any glaring errors we may have made before.

What is overwhelm then?

Is it just

  • stressed to the eyeballs
  • anxious that nothing will get done properly
  •  a sinking feeling
  • frozen in a panic of not being able to think properly
  • I’ll be found out!

The dictionary definition of overwhelm is
to bury or drown beneath a huge mass, to make helpless with emotion

In its extreme I am sure it will feel like that.
That only leads to a deeper more entrenched emotional distress which I am not intending to write about here.
I’m just hoping to help readers appreciate that a little tweaking, meditation, common sense or learning to tap, could be beneficial.
If you wish others to know how you are feeling then you need to tell them.

If you recognise any of the comments I’ve written so far in this blog, from an EFT point of view I ask you to consider

  • when you last felt overwhelm
  • any times  before that
  • is there a pattern or a trigger which makes you feel overwhelmed?
  • would you like to clear that trigger and be free from the dictating pattern that’s followed you in your life?

Take action now

Listen to my audio tapping routine.

[wpaudio url=’′ text=’Overwhelm’ dl=0]
If you wish to discuss this subject in more detail Contact me


During playback, please pause the audio to complete your phrasing.
Press the play button again when you’re ready to continue.

If you are unfamiliar with tapping please read Tapping Instructions

Further reading

Last year I did a slightly ‘tongue and cheek’ Superwoman at Christmas blog.

Should you wish a second resource please click on the link above to receive a written ‘tapping’ routine.
Should you wish a real laugh please watch Bob Newhart’s sketch – Stop It! Give it a few seconds to start.

Have a great time and let’s all try very hard not to be ‘bah humbug’

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