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‘I help clients lower stress, boost confidence and self -esteem, by clearing worry and fear.’

Susan Cowe- My story. This is critical to my belief that I can help people.

I am now in the process of starting my BOOK!  The title is  ‘How to Survive and Thrive after Trauma’

I chose to survive, and thrive. Not be a casualty. I recognised a need to deal with stress.  I appreciated that stress plays a huge part on our physical body.  It took me time to discover Reiki and then EFT.

The bag lady

My background is in primary teaching. Many years!

I was married for 26 years. 2 children.  The last 2 years of my marriage were problematic.  I accepted that my husband was an alcoholic.  Finally, I started divorce proceedings. He died in front of me and our 2 children, shortly after.

When that happens you deal with it, or crumble,  I suppose.

During my teaching career,  many of my colleagues said how much they enjoyed working with me, and enjoyed my sense of humour.

Life has been traumatic, surprisingly so,  and the results still require work, I expect.   But, I strive to be that happy person with whom people enjoyed working.  I have self- treated on resentment, anger (hurt- probably) but anger that my children were not enough to make my husband look after himself better.  What does that say about me?   Again I imagine it is one of a  few things.

1. I accept that I was not able to make him happy. ok

2. Why should I have to mould to suit someone else’s needs?

3. I was strong enough to eventually make the corrrect decision.

4. I have 2 children who love me, and are travelling their path, with their scars.

But we all bare scars.  It is the matter of how we deal with our scars.

I help and guide people to re-ignite, rediscover  their ‘ Real Confidence’


How might you choose to re-ignite your confidence?   Would you choose to

Clear the fear

Cut the crap

Move beyond a limiting belief

Tweak a lack of self confidence

Embrace The Next Step

I offer you the possibility of choice.        Choose Confidence.  Choose Success.  Choose not to be a casualty. Be strong and wonderful.


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