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My Book -Survive and thrive after trauma.

‘Survive and thrive after trauma’

My work in progress.  I am enjoying the task, the discipline and the commitment.

I hope that this book will give others the belief that life does go on. We all have challenges and we can overcome them, come out stronger.

Life is a strange business.  Nothing is set in stone.

  • My story – How family life goes spectacularly wrong – Alcohol dependency, near divorce, death
  • Mindset blogs, what is anger, procrastination etc
  • Contributions from others who have dealt with the ‘knocks’  and sometimes the unimaginable.
  • End of October and I am well through the first edit. It takes a while! I thought because I had ‘got it down on paper and out of my head’ that the hard work was done.
    That part was easy. The editing and finalising my interviews is a lengthy process.
    I actually need to concentrate on the book so ‘Survive and thrive after trauma’ website is not looking pretty yet but to find more details about me check out my 2 websites.
    The Real Confidence Guide
    There is a contact form which can be used.

    VERY soon I will have an audio and a read version of my introduction. I am having the introduction ‘looked at’ just now and am awaiting feedback. The cringe and fear factor are resting happily on my shoulder at the moment. So bear with me for a short while, please.:-)

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