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Positive mindset

Paralympics – my ‘magical’ tickets


I have just spent 3 days at the Paralympics and have had the most fantastic time. It was inspirational, thrilling, fun and wonderful.  All rolled into one.  And how I came about my tickets was amazing.

  • From the time the Olympic tickets went on sale I refused to be bothered sitting and trying to get hold of any old ticket I could get my hands on. I was lazy but also just said to myself,  ‘I’m not going to worry about this – it will all work out for me.’

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Just Do It! – Write that book

Lady,Go away and write your book

I heard myself shouting out,  ‘Just get on and do it!’  to a man  fortunate enough to be brought on stage at Stephanie Hale‘ s Millionaires Bootcamp for Authors,  earlier this month.  Are you ready to address ”the elephant on the room?’ Continue reading

Workshop. Ladies- Ready for ‘the next step’ in the rest of your life?

Hi, here is a copy of the Eventbrite details of the workshop I am having on June 16th. There are more details if you click the link. Continue reading

A Positive Approach-That’s My Business

Recently at a Presentation workshop I was given the title  ‘A Positive Approach-That’s My Business’.  I decided just to go with  ‘IT!’ So…when hit with a triple whammy, I choose to survive and thrive, not be a casualty.

When my husband died in front of me and our 2 children, 3 weeks after being given divorce papers, on account of his alcoholism, I now feel confident that my life experience gives me credibility and can inspire others.

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