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Top tips

Top Tips to manage stress

I manage ‘my’ stress

Consider these 3 starter statements and you will get an idea how EFT can help you re-adjust mindset, and manage stress in a better way.
Tip 1
‘Even tho’ I feel stressed about (fill the gap with your own words or phrase)
I know it need not dictate my day’

Tip 2
‘Even tho’ I still have remaining stress
I choose to release it a little at a time’

Tip 3
‘Even tho’ Stress can trouble me
I choose to manage stress more effectively’

Once stress levels are reduced by using EFT, then Matrix ReImprinting can work at a much deeper level to help discover your ‘trigger’; the big ‘Why‘. The what particular words or particular situation causes an anxiety response.

 If you are interested in my thoughts on emotional mentoring have a read at one of my other (somewhat questioning) blogs. ‘Emotional Mentoring’

5 Top tips for a busy brain.

‘Ditto’ taking ‘time out’

5 Top Tips for a busy brain. Basic, but we forget!
We so often just do not give ourselves a rest.

Tip 1. Just take 5 minutes, close your eyes, and slow down. Savour what’s going on, if you can.
Tip 2. If too much is going on, overwhelm is nearby. Take that 5 minutes to prioritise. No point suffering ‘burn out’
Tip 3. The good feeling when you have succeeded in a task, or have just had a good laugh, is valuable. Enjoy it.
Tip 4. Give yourself the gift of ‘Heart Breathing’. We think too much.
Place both hands over your heart
Close your eyes and relax.
Breath in slowly for 5 or 6 seconds, and out for 5 or 6 seconds, focussing on your heart. This has great calming and therapeutic benefit. Do this several times. Enjoy feeling the difference it makes. Your body noticeably calms.
Tip 5. Or just decide that your brain needs a rest, and do it.

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