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Audio- How I work and benefits
Audio Blog [wpaudio url='' text='Fear of Public Speaking Blog' dl=0] This 5 minute audio [wpaudio url='' text='EFT 2 improved' dl=0] gives details of EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix ReImprinting, PTT ( Picture Tapping Technique). How EFT and cutting edge advancements can clear negative beliefs, dispel blocks to Success, Health, Wealth and Happiness, and, allow 'real confidence' to shine. Audio Part 2 Here is part 2. [wpaudio url="" text='Who I work with, and benefits' dl=0] Audio 3 EFT Tapping Routine- [wpaudio url="" text='Tapping for Fears on Blocks to my Success' dl=0] Audio 4 EFT Tapping Routine -[wpaudio url="" text="EFT Tapping routine - Fear of overwhelm" dl=0] Audio 5 My book 'Survive and thrive after trauma' and a tapping resource on 'Overwhelm' [wpaudio url='' text='Survive and thrive after trauma and a tapping resource on overwhelm' dl=0] For my Youtube 'Tappings on Fear, Anger and more' visit

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EFT MATRIX An audio, 5 mins. Could EFT help me? [wpaudio url='' text='EFT 2 improved' dl=0] Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

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Matrix ReImprinting
Matrix ReImprinting

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Picture Tapping Technique (PTT)
Picture tapping technique (PTT) is an extension of EFT For details please click

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Counselling - person centred counselling.

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