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Top Tips to manage stress

I manage ‘my’ stress

Consider these 3 starter statements and you will get an idea how EFT can help you re-adjust mindset, and manage stress in a better way.
Tip 1
‘Even tho’ I feel stressed about (fill the gap with your own words or phrase)
I know it need not dictate my day’

Tip 2
‘Even tho’ I still have remaining stress
I choose to release it a little at a time’

Tip 3
‘Even tho’ Stress can trouble me
I choose to manage stress more effectively’

Once stress levels are reduced by using EFT, then Matrix ReImprinting can work at a much deeper level to help discover your ‘trigger’; the big ‘Why‘. The what particular words or particular situation causes an anxiety response.

 If you are interested in my thoughts on emotional mentoring have a read at one of my other (somewhat questioning) blogs. ‘Emotional Mentoring’

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