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The fear of public speaking.

Not performing today!

It’s said that the fear of public speaking is our No.1 fear.  How totally ridiculous!  And yet it seems to be true.

If you need or want to speak in front of an audience but have stopped yourself,  you keep procrastinating strongly  about  ‘getting out there‘   because  you don’t believe you can ‘pull it off”,  could any of these be the reason for your fear?

  • realise you don’t know your subject (good decision – a genuine fear of being exposed!)
  • you’ve seen others fail -(at least they tried -even so they are better than me)
  • you know that you’re just not good enough to do it (and where did that belief come from?)

I wish to stop there for a moment. The ‘just not good enough‘ is where I offer you a first basic step. If you are one of those people who recognise a need to clear a fundamental lack of confidence in what’s stopping you moving forward, then the help I offer can be the starting point.

The step which can save time, effort and money because you may have already invested in looking good and developing your product or service,  but if you are fearful, lacking self belief, then all the effort and money can be wasted.

To learn how to look good, promote yourself and believe, are all key.  But the vital ingredient is belief – a positive mindset. Once you have the real confidence and belief that you are good enough, you then have the capability to make the future learnings and expense, be of real value.

I believe that many of us forge ahead with great plans which can just get dumped at the front door, if we lack the confidence, the self belief, to carry them through.  Ah the wasted potential!  We hear the little voice which chirps that we’re just not good enough!.  A need to clear the negative clutter and noise we hear in our head is the answer.  And to find out WHY we react in a particular way; then we can put one foot in front of the other to walk onto our stage, be in ‘our moment’.

Or, of coure we do it boldly and blindly, but that choice can make us feel truly ill; our stressed state can be very detrimental to our physical health.

There are of course many ways to conquer the fear of public speaking.  If you feel considerable stress and anxiety you can benefit enormously from receiving guidance from specialists in the field.

I recently read a very good blog by Arvind Devalia.  His blog relates to his first speaking gig in front of an audience of around 300 people at ‘The Millionaires Bootcamp for Authors’ organised by Stephanie Hale . I attended  and greatly befitted from listening to Arvind.  His blog is well worth a read.

A friend, Claire Godwin runs programmes on public speaking;  getting women on the stage.  Here’s a very short video clip of me  detailing benefits, after taking part in her pilot workshops. 

With all the learnings I have invested in recently, ‘the penny finally dropped’ around the message,  ‘If a job or problem you encounter in forging ahead with your future ambitions, is not your speciality, consider delegating or investing  in others.’

 ‘A fear of public speaking can become a phobia- ‘I can’t and won’t do it because……. ‘ the excuses can be a mile long or one incident can be ‘the event’ needing – quote- ‘EFT, the treatment that works when all else may have failed.’

If you want to do something about the stress and fear, if your hand is up to acknowledge a need to act on this palm sweating reality, then it’s time to work on your restriction; it is no-one else’s, you may blame someone else but unfortunately the belief is in your head, your sub-conscious- if you wish to remove that self limiting restriction, click  and visit information on my website  EFT and Matrix ReImprinting.  The powerful tools to clear negative and limiting beliefs – (that’s the stuff which stops you achieving what you want and desire.)

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